Compton Unified School District Invests $50,000 in Music Arts Education
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The Compton Unified School District is committing $50,000 towards bringing “Music Unites Academies,” to three schools in Compton: Centennial High, Bunche Middle and Kelly Elementary. The music academies are being created in partnership with charity organization Music Unites and will fund afterschool music education on instrumental, guitar and beats production.

“We believe as a district that the arts are absolutely vital to the development of the whole student," said Dr. Darin Brawley, Superintendent of Compton Unified School District. "That is why we are so excited about this partnership with Music Unites. It will open doors to amazing opportunities for our students and help ensure that this is a district where the arts thrive!"

In celebration of the Partnership, Music Unites and CUSD kicked off Music Unites Day, an official day on March 28 in celebration of music education month in March. As part of Music Unites Day the charity hosted a series of 90 minute educational workshops in the auditorium/ gymnasium across three schools: Centennial High, Bunche Middle and Kelly Elementary. This marks the first time that the Compton Unified Schools has granted an official day to celebrate music education.

Music Unites brought an impactful educational panel which the non-profit refers to as Music-Versities, where students heard from leading industry executives on the importance of leadership, mentorship and the careers behind the scenes in the music and entertainment industries. Special guests included Tim Storey and Randy Jackson who shared their personal stories on the journey to success. There were also special performances by JD McCrary and Tone Stith and a panel of individuals from across the music industry who shared the story of their path: Natasha DesRuisseaux, VP Talent Relations at BET Networks, artist and producer Bekon, Tina Farris, former Compton teacher who now works for artists like The Roots; KCRW’s Jason Kramer. Music Unites selected key partners for Music Unites Day includes Scholly, We Day and Music Center who will play an integral role to further the mission of empowering youth through the importance of music education.

“We are honored to receive an official day towards Music Unites and to be working with the Compton Unified School District to craft a custom, scalable music program for our schools as this marks a priority initiative for our organization,” said Michelle Edgar, founder and executive director of Music Unites. “Our long-standing history in Compton has been over five years, and for Superintendent Brawley and the district to present us with the opportunity and commit resources to this shows that arts education is a top priority in the district and we hope to use this as a model to spread across the country.”

The Music-Versities are set to open during the 2018-19 school year.

Panelist Image
Industry panelists host a Q&A at the Music Unites Day Kick-off

Superintendent Brawley
Superintendent Brawley addresses students during the Music Unites Day Kick-off Celebration

Ali Zurita Music
Board President Ali and Vice-President Zurita welcome Randy Jackson, former CUSD Educator Tina Farris and others at the Music Unites Day Kick-off Celebration

Jeff Harris music
Jeff Harris, Sr. Director of Community Partnerships, is all smiles along with students and performers at the Music Unites Day Kick-off Celebration