Small Learning Cohorts Begin for Some Special Education and Preschool Students
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Oct 18, 2020

On Monday, October 19, preschool students and students in special education (whose parents have opted for them to do so) will be returning to school sites to engage in learning cohorts. These students will each be in a small cohort of no more than 12 students and 2 adults each.

Preschool and elementary level students will receive instruction from their assigned classroom teacher. At the Middle School and High School levels, students will participate in a learning center model and receive academic support from a substitute teacher while they attend their classes virtually.

In preparation for students’ arrival, CUSD established safety protocols aligned to state and county departments of public health recommendations. As such, students, teachers, and school site personnel will be required to wear masks, complete COVID-19 screening surveys, wash hands, and follow protocols related to physical distancing. CUSD’s Pupil Services Department and other staff hosted distribution of face coverings, sanitizer and other items to teachers over the past two months in preparation, to ensure school sites had what they needed.


In addition, classrooms have been outfitted with Clear Touch digital instruction panels and protective desk barriers.


Parents who have elected to have their child participate in learning cohorts can prepare students by helping them understand and diligently following all safety protocols.

It is anticipated that additional learning cohorts, such as English language learners and other groups, will be hosted on campus on October 26th. Participation in these groups were also based on parents voluntarily opting to have their child on campus.

For more information on the small learning cohorts and related safety protocols, see the videos below:

Message from Superintendent Dr. Darin Brawley Regarding On-Campus Learning Cohorts - ENGLISH

Message from Superintendent Dr. Darin Brawley Regarding On-Campus Learning Cohorts - SPANISH (Deputy Superintendent Dr. Alejandro Alvarez)

Overview of Safety Protocols for On-Campus Learning Cohorts
– Dr. Kanika White