Cutie Pis of Dominguez High - Math, Mentorship, and Friendship Brings this Math Club Together
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Sep 13, 2019
Cutie Group

Cutie Pi's of D-High is a math club created to support and encourage students in the area of mathematics. The club meets once a quarter and is a group where mentorship, community building, career awareness and math skills building take place in a supportive and positive atmosphere. Cutie Pi’s of D-High focuses on four tenets: representation, identification, community, and mentorship.

Representation: the first thing all members learn to understand is the lack of representation of women in STEM fields. This is the core reason for the club and how they operate. Once this reality is taught, they focus on how to address the issue.

Identification: during high school years, young people are trying to figure out who they are and what they identify with. This club gives them the opportunity to identify as someone who excels at math.

Community: building community between members is what keeps them motivated. They are all friends, and they all support and help each other throughout the year.

Mentorship: at every meeting, the Cutie Pi’s are joined by a woman that works in a math/science-related field. It is an intentionally informal, yet impactful, way for the students to not only see more women in positions they aspire to reach, but also easily ask questions, get information, and pick their brains about their experience getting to that position. We've had businesswoman, nurses, and engineers participate as mentors thus far. Most recently, they had the opportunity to meet Olympic soccer gold medalist, Lauren Holiday, an absolute treat for the group, as many of them play soccer themselves.

Brandon Contreras has been organizing and running the club, but this summer Ms. Angela (a business teacher and cheer coach at Dominguez HS) is supporting club oversight as well. As a note, the club is open to all D-High students. Those interested should contact Dominguez High School.

The current members are:

Sheila Gallardo
Dulce Prado
Brianna Aguilar
Jessica Craig
Jenise Hurtado
Brenda Garcia
Melissa Garcia
Diana Rubio
Rossy Arreguin
Hailey Lucio
Lindsay Cardenas

Alexis Leon
Nashali Linares
Karla Gutierrez
Elizabeth Trujillo
Sicily Brancatelli
Lomalinda Tautua'a
Giselle Quiroz
Vera'Onna Hutchings
Briana Martinez
Dorothy Moore
Rogelio Rodriguez