NASA Scientists Visit and Inspire Compton Students
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Oct 8, 2018

On Saturday, September 29 Mayo’s FIRST Lego League hosted a visit from Dr. Jitendra Joshi, a scientist from the NASA Washington, D.C. office, and Dr. Murray Darrach, a scientist from Pasadena’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Mayo Elementary School Saturday school students as well as FIRST Lego League students from schools across the district were invited to attend. About 200 K-8 students, parents, and staff were in attendance.

The day began with a meet and greet where Mayo Saturday Students were treated to a fascinating presentation on space exploration given by Dr. Joshi followed by a lively question/answer session. In a symbolic gesture representing the power of knowledge and exploration, a signed dictionary with the word “impossible” crossed out along with a book about space were donated to the Mayo library. Mayo Elementary presented Dr. Joshi with a certificate of appreciation as well and a gift to commemorate the day.

After meeting with Mayo Saturday School students, Dr. Joshi and Dr. Darrach spoke to FIRST Lego League students from around the district. FLL students are required as part of their upcoming November 9th FLL competition to research problems and solutions for long-term space travel. Another requirement is that the students must speak with professionals in the area of their research.

All students in attendance received backpacks, posters, stickers, reference materials with space facts, and an astronaut figurine, all of which were donated by NASA. This momumental day was made special day was inspired by the efforts of Ms. Mongosa, Mayo’s FIRST Lego League coach, who reached out to the NASA office in Washington, D.C.

Much appreciation and thanks go out to Mayo’s amazing parent volunteers and Ms. Soto for the decorations and support they provided to help make the day extra special for both the guests and the students.

Thank you to Ms. Mongosa for contributing story content!

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