WME Volunteers Along With Big Sunday, Help Beautify Foster Elementary As Part Of Their "Walk the Walk" Day
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Nov 8, 2018

Once a year, the William Morris Endeavor closes the offices for the ‘Walk the Walk’ day, when they lend their time and their talent to projects that benefit communities. Recently, The William Morris Endeavor and Big Sunday went to Stephen C. Foster Elementary School in Compton to help do some projects on the campus.

“The William Morris Endeavor (WME) is a partner that has a long, positive relationship with Compton Unified School District. We have several projects with them on campus in which they are help build some character into the look of campus for our students,” said the principal of Foster Elementary School, Jessicka Mears.

The William Morris Endeavor provides donations and activities for schoolchildren and communities and has worked with Compton Unified School District for a decade. Big Sunday offers an enormous variety of opportunities and projects that unite people to improve lives, build community and give everyone a sense of belonging.

The coordinator from Big Sunday, Theresa Dahl said, “We Big Sunday help WME with big projects such as this one at Foster Elementary School. It’s one of our favorite projects to work on at schools because schools are just a happy place and the kids are awesome to be around, which makes it so fun to bring color and light to the school here.”

Many Volunteers went to Stephen C. Foster Elementary School to help paint the murals, clean some of the classrooms, and fix up the gardens in the school. Some of the volunteers put down the hammers and paintbrushes and picked up books, to read with some of the students. One of the volunteers, Addie Poris said, “We are specifically working with the Young Storytellers Group to work with kids to tell their personal stories at Foster Elementary School. We are working with some at risk readers who are a little bit more shy and introverted, and are trying to get them more excited about reading and telling their personal stories.”

Contributing writer, Tracy Mejia

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