Immigrant Families/Newcomers are Supported and Celebrated in CUSD... Newcomer/Seal of Biliteracy Programs Proven a Success
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Jun 28, 2018

(COMPTON, CA) The accomplishments of students who are from immigrant families were celebrated at a recent Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting, where the district’s innovative and successful Newcomer and Biliteracy Seal programs were recognized.

Newcomer Program

CUSD’s Newcomer Program was launched in the 2015-16, with the goal of ensuring that students new to the United States are successful in school. The program is in its third year of implementation at Roosevelt Middle School and Dominguez High School and provides supports that meet the linguistic, social and cultural needs of students and their families.

“Our Newcomer Program gives legs to our commitment to ensuring that every student in our district, regardless of their background, has access to educational advancement and the opportunities that education affords,” said President Micah Ali. “Further, immigrant families in our communities are a part of the vibrant cultural fabric of our great district—we welcome them and are committed to their children’s success in school.”

The Newcomer Program provides students and their families with information on the U.S. educational system to help them better prepare for college attendance and career pursuits.

“It is important that we make sure our newcomer families feel secure, welcomed and supported,” said Governing Board Member Charles Davis. “We look forward to seeing these children continue to grow and thrive academically!”

Roosevelt Newcomer Program Video- Click Above to Play

Biliteracy Awards

Compton Unified School district biliteracy awards are given annually to students who demonstrate excellence in English and in a language other than English. To receive this academic recognition 12th grade students must have demonstrated proficiency on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP), completed a four-year World Language course of study, passed the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in a foreign language, and have a high GPA in English. Eighth grade students receiving this recognition must be proficient in CAASPP, read 10 books in another language, and have written an essay on the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy in a future career.

“The Biliteracy Awards is one way we celebrate ensuring that every CUSD graduate is prepared to and equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate successfully in college and career,” Jennifer Graziano, Director or English Learner Services. “This award communicates to all students that the mastery of two or more languages is an important skill that is advantageous in our current society.”

This year’s Biliteracy Seal recipients represents a dramatic increase over that past year. Compton High increased their numbers by 16 bringing their total to 35 students recognized with the Seal. Dominguez HS increased their numbers by 8 bringing their total to 22 students being recognized. Graduating scholars receiving this award will receive a special graduation sash, a medallion, a certificate, and a special seal on their diploma. Eighth grade scholars were also recognized for program completion.

With the Biliteracy Awards, CUSD joins more than 160 other school districts in a statewide movement to promote the development of literacy in two or more languages, and officially acknowledges the value of biliteracy.

“All of our efforts in support of immigrant families are of great importance to our work on behalf of students of CUSD,” said Superintendent Dr. Darin Brawley. “These programs would not be possible without the site administration, counselors, and teachers who all help make it possible. These students are truly exceptional and have a very bright future ahead of them.”

8th Grader Student
Bunche Middle School 8th grader, Yerenia Barajas proudly displays her Seal of Biliteracy and Certificate of Achievement.

Seal of Biliteracy Awards Group
High School Biliteracy Seal recipients and CUSD Board of Trustees.

Seal of Biliteracy Awards Group
8th Grade Biliteracy Seal recipients, along with Bunche Middle School Principal and Teachers.

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