Elevate College & Career Readiness

College Career and Readiness

We ensure that students are academically, financially, and socially fit for college. Academically, we work to ensure students complete the A-G courses required for college and provide students with Advanced Placement, College Courses, extra years of Math, Science etc. Financially, we support our students and families to complete FAFSA and Cal Grant forms and take advantage of federal and state money and scholarship opportunities. Socially, we expose students to college tours, college fairs, and College Fly-In programs.

College Ready Programs:

■ FREE Pre-College Testing: Pre-SAT, Pre-ACT, SAT/ACT, Free test prep
■ College Funding: FAFSA, Cal Grant, Scholarships, Award Letter Review
■ College Advising: UC Irvine EAOP, CSULB & Compton College Upward Bound, ETS, Cal Soap, USC College Advising
■ Compton Promise: Enrollment Fees Waived at Compton College
■ Scholarship Opportunities
■ Avid: College Readiness Class
■ International Baccalaureate (IB)
■ CCGI Platform: College & Career Lessons

Advanced Placement & College Classes

■ Over 23 Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Offered
■ International Baccalaureate (IB)
■ Free College Classes During Day and After School

Spotlight on Compton Early College High School

Students who attend Compton Early College High School (CECHS) are enrolled to earn a high school diploma, and up to 2 years of college course work completed through our partner, Compton College. CECHS offers Honors, Advanced Placement and college prep programs and is a recipient of the Jefferson Service Award for student and teacher-led projects that impact the world. To that end, CECHS earned the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) full accreditation based on “outstanding programs, leadership and learning environments.”

Career Opportunities

CUSD’s high schools offer a blend of traditional and high-tech career pathways trainings and internships for students. Our partnership with Compton College enables us to offer courses in specific career fields.

Career Ready Programs/Pathways:

■ Aerospace Engineering (Compton HS)
■ Auto Tech (Centennial HS, Dominguez HS)
■ Biotechnology (Dominguez HS)
■ Certified Nursing Assistant (Centennial HS, Compton HS, Dominguez HS)
■ Civil Engineering & Architecture (Dominguez HS)
■ Communication (Centennial HS)
■ Computer Animation (Compton HS)
■ Computer Science (Compton HS, Dominguez HS, Early College HS)
■ Certified Nursing Assistant (Centennial HS, Compton HS, Dominguez HS)
■ Culinary Arts (Centennial HS, Compton HS, Dominguez HS)
■ Drafting (Compton HS)
■ Education (Centennial HS)
■ Robotics (Centennial HS)
■ Video Production (Compton HS)

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Elevate College & Career Readiness