Professional Development

SPRING 2019 Professional Development

This year our Spring professional development courses will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school at different school sites in the district! We will also provide a cohort style Google Certified Educator Level 1 courses during a span of three Saturdays.

  1. All teachers in the district will be invited to join the EdTechTeam, at different school sites.
  2. Some sites might be subject to change! If possible, please bring your device to the training.
  3. Teachers will be paid extra duty for their time and earn EdTech Micro Credentials!

Click links below to register for the courses. First time user to our new online registration system click here to learn how to log on. Edlusion has a double sign in process, Link will be lost when you 1st log in. Click on the link one more time once you have signed in.

Professional Development Image
Professional Development

Click here for schedule and registration link


CTP Training Series

The Education Technology Department invites you to join us for lunch and learning about technology tools. In this series, we provide professional development specifically designed for district office employees regarding the needs that many of you have expressed in a survey from the fall semester. Bring your lunch, computer, and a good attitude, and in just an hour and a half, you'll leave with a new set of skills. 

General Professional Development Courses

The general professional development courses are for ALL Compton Unified teachers. Please only register for the courses if it is your first time taking the professional development course. If we see you have taken the course in the past we will send you an email.

21st Century Classroom Cohort

Teachers in the 21st Century Classroom Cohort have already been selected by their administrator. Please only register if you have signed and turn in the commitment form.

Leadership Series: Coming Soon!

The EdTech Department presents a series of Educational Leaders to Learn, Inspire and Lead!  Choose as many sessions as you need to develop and implement a shared vision for innovation in your schools and departments. Learn how to lead the way in the 21st Century learning aligned with the Common Core State Standards to leverage technology that increases productivity, collaboration and critical thinking.