Two-Way Dual Immersion Program

Dual Language Immersion Program (K-12) (Spanish): The goal of this program is to develop biliteracy in Spanish and English. This model is an option designedall levels of English proficiency, native English speakers, as well as students of other language backgrounds who meet the DLI Program Admissions Requirements (See Appendix P). The district is offering a Dual Language Immersion Program in Spanish. The Dual Language Immersion Program is designed to teach all students the core curriculum in Spanish and English. In addition, English Learners receive daily, Designated ELD instruction and sheltered ELA instruction. English Learners and English Only (Fluent English Proficient) students are mixed in the same classroom and receive instruction in both languages. Content subjects are taught following these two models:

CUSD has adopted the 90/10 model. English instruction begins in Kindergarten and continues through grade twelve. Research studies have shown that students in Dual Language Immersion programs since kindergarten or 1st grade become proficient in language proficiency in both languages (Lindholm-Leary, 2005).

The parent/guardian must request a waiver to allow his/her child to participate in an alternative program following local district waiver procedures. The final decision to grant or deny the request lies with the principal and educational staff that must apply the standard found at CCR, Title 5, and section 11309(b) (4).

(See Chapter 3 for more information).

Program Requirements

1. Parents must apply annually for a parental exception waiver for an alternative program. In order to request a waiver, parents must visit the school unless a specific hardship exists.

2. All EL students who are under 10 years of age and new to California schools must participate in a Structured English Immersion Program for a minimum of 30 calendar days. During this period, instruction is to be "overwhelmingly" but not exclusively in English.

3. Core academic instruction in ELA, math, science, and social science is taught in both languages, depending on the program.

All EL students receive 60 minutes daily of designated ELD instruction based on the district-adopted program and CA ELD standards from an appropriately certificated teacher.

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