Newcomers Program Information

Compton Unified School District offers two programs for students recently arrived to the U.S., the International Academy for limited English proficient students and the Newcomer Catch-Up Plan.

The following section will define these two programs.

The following section will define these two programs. An Immigrant is a person who comes to a country to take up a permanent residence. A Newcomer is a person who has recently arrived. In CUSD a Newcomer is considered a student enrolled in a United States school in grades K-12 who has been identified as non-English proficient and who has not attended school in the country for more than two full school years. Upon arrival, newcomers will have an IEP (if they are in Special Education) or a SST to help identify the appropriate program for their specific needs.

  • Length of time in U.S. schools
  • English proficiency level determined by the placement tests given at the Pupil Center
  • Sociocultural and educational background in native country
  • Sociocultural and educational background while enrolled in U.S. schools
  • Length of time in U.S. schools

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